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Software Application Testing Company

Zaptech helps in bringing the robust, reliable, secure, and user-friendly software products by testing the software through Life cycle testing for bothfunctional and non-functional requirements.

Our Team Not only Helps you to assess your current testing practices/processes, improve the quality of the software developed, identify testing strategies, develop test plans and test cases, manage and execute tests, and measure test results.

Our Core software Testing Services includes comprehensive application core testing services for system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing.

We have Team that excels in mobile application testing, embedded systems testing, security testing, games and multimedia testing, industry standards/compliances based testing, data integrity testing, interoperability testing, and portability testing.

Our technical expertise spans across testing for Web sites, application software, middleware, and system software:

  • Web sites, including multi-tier E-commerce sites
  • Traditional GUI applications for Windows and UNIX
  • Leading edge application technologies such as:
    • Java
    • CORBA
    • XML
    • WAP
    • Embedded systems
    • Client/server
  • Middleware: ORBs, application servers, database servers, etc.
  • System Software: Operating Systems, windowing systems, networking, realtime systems, etc.
  • Development tools: compilers, linkers, archivers, etc.

Our Quality Management System demonstrates our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

  • Test lab setup
  • Test plan and test design
  • Installation testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Configuration/compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Interoperability and standards compliance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test automation/scripting

Our Quality Management System ensures that the testing processes are implemented and complied with, and that the test products comply with the standards, processes and contractual requirements.

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