Android P and what’s yet to come ?

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : March 9, 2018

Our android Team buzz’s in excitement like a Bee’s Hive in the month of March ever since Google has made a practice to launch the first Developers preview of the next Android versions in the first weeks of March. And this year we have ANDROID P ( Pseudo Named for Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich)  released on March 7 2018.


When Android P  was released  we were quick to download all the necessary bits to explore what’s in store for us in the next Googles Updates and Mostly the updates are under the hood with no major user facing design update the initial release is not intended for consumer use but for developers.                   And having said this, for Developers there are some interesting feature notes that that make a good promise to create interesting new apps specifically ones that shall cater to newer modern Android devices to be launched in upcoming months.


The next developers preview of Android P is expected sometime in May, so that’s the next opportunity we’ll have to wait for to see what additional changes that may eventually come.

But Here’s what’s new in today’s release:

1) Addition of Multi-camera API that enables developers to access dual front or back cameras for calling a fused camera stream to create Front-Back styles apps.

2) Mid Level twitches made to camera API to reduce delays during initial captures specifically for image capturing and some extra Effects to Photos.

3) Addition of new Display cutout support which is built-in assistance for developers to test how their full-screen apps shall work with notches which are to be used by new tools of Google to be released in future.

4) Extra built-in support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 in Google P supports High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) and Provides built in support for devices that have right hardware to play HDR-enabled movies.

5) Google P adds ImageDecoder by replacing BitMapFactory object to become more efficient in handling BitmapDrawable and shrinking photo sizes. GoodBye JPEG…

6) GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API – Android P now also supports the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API which is basically the standard for building secure NFV-based services like payments solutions.

7) Addtition of New Feature to the Neural Networks API – those of us who like Machine Learning will certainly like the new support and enhancements made to: Pad, BatchToSpaceND, SpaceToBatchND, Transpose, Strided Slice, Mean, Div, Sub and Squeeze.

8) Increased Performance in The Android runtime (ART) and apps written in Kotlin.

9) New privacy features to restrict access to the microphone, camera and sensors from application that are in idle mode.

10) New tools to customize the Android Notifications wherein developers can customize notfications specifically for users for who is contacting you and attach photos, stickers and smart replies notifications from messaging apps from your android app itself.

11) Built-in support for Autofill Framework for developers for content filtering and A compatibility mode allowing password managers to work with apps that don’t have built-in support for Autofill yet.

12) Newer and Better IEEE 802.11mc protocol to provide information about Wi-Fi round-trip time i.e Devices supporting this protocol shall locate a user with an accuracy of one to two meters making it a pretty accurate indoor positioning device .


Google’s VP of engineering Dave Burke is calling this “an early baseline build for developers only,” so definitely there would be some bugs in this first release and as i have mentioned before in my blog , Google is likely to introduce a few more features over the course of the beta period before may. We Also assume It’ll even announce the final name for Android P…., not that we don’t like Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich  🙂 .

The good news for all the Sweet tooth Geeks is that the new version of Android release is on the horizon and the excitement at Zaptech continues to be like a Bee’s Hive in Spring Season.

Watch out for our blogs to see how we use Android P , Until then let’s enjoy Oreo.

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