Impact of internet of things ( IOT ) on Business 2017 – Forecast

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : October 17, 2017

We have been getting an influx of IOT projects from startups that have been in business for less than three years and So I was prompted to go over some of the stats from Technavio and Gartner and I was astounded by the numbers but not surprised by phenomena of IOT since we are facing one at Zaptech now.

The IOT Phenomena has taken Software Development to a completely a new level . According to Technavio, IoT will be growing to nearly 32 % percent from 2017 to 2019 and Everybody believes this market is worth well over $100 billion.
Gartner Predicts that by 2020 , 95 % of new designed devices will have IOT component built in, so by linking smart objects to the internet, IoT mechanism used by Developers shall enable an exchange of data that was never possible before. It’s going to be like Matrix !!

If we consider Smartphones which are growing by the numbers it is expected that by 2020 they will reach 17-17.5 billion, and with an increasing number of smart connected devices, the more we’ll find developers coming up with upgraded solutions to help users control and communicate with their everyday gadgets and equipment.

We’ve been building apps , special ones wherein devices are connected with each other , not only laptops, desktops, or smartphones but from doorbells to big Warehouse Bots all connected and giving an opportunity to our clients to run business efficiently. We’ve Designed and developed back-end micro services and REST APIs for Connected devices with web applications and many other mobile applications. We’ve created solutions that multi folds organization’s operational efficiency to become more embedded in the world of the integrated environment. We’ve make full-stack development solutions that sits on Amazon, Microsoft , IBM Watson and Google cloud infrastructure making it possible for our clients to reduce the cost and improvise the delivery performance.

We Focus on innovating new and better ways to create IOT solutions that add value and amaze the end users with a penchant for simple elegant design in every aspect from data structures to code to UI and systems architecture.

Let us help you Accelerate Your Business by using IOT technologies , we all know that the Future is something like Matrix Reloaded…

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