Node JS just became more Sweeter with N-API With power of Building Native Add-ons

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : November 17, 2017

The new version of Node 8 , pseudo named CARBON is truly the black ninja of all the version of node.js since most changes that are brought in this versions , are truly some very important rectifications that make Node.Js more sweet ! and irresistible!

Why this particular N-Api is more important in the latest released version of Node 8? Because it saves time, Money and Makes our Developers and clients Happy with less donkey’s work and more smart work specially when we have mission critical native code dependencies on our deployments.

This is how ….. N APi is an API for building Native API for Node.Js which can be used for all the later versions of Node without the need of Recompilation to large extent.

Earlier Node developers had existing native modules written in C or C++ which we know are directly dependent on JavaScript V8 engine and/or NAN APIs , So all the add-ons had to be recompiled or had to be updated with every new releases of Node.js.

Lack of stability guarantees, requiring native addons to be updated or recompiled for every major Node.js realease was a big Pain in ass every time we had to make upgradation to our existing software. There was a constant scare that it might break some existing functionality and may cause necessary increase in cost and time for our clients.

But Now N-API forms a replacement layer that native modules utilize, bringing further stability and reliability to modules that rely on the native layer.

In other words, the advantage of using N-API is that now our developers have to compile their module only once per platform and it will be available for any Node.js version that implements N-API so there is no repetition and developers do not have to worry about any future releases.

Today , N-API is available in Node.js 8.0 as an experimental feature making this an important milestone for Node.js’ towards achieving full ABI stability.

Now is the right time for our Node.js developers to experiment and build native modules to try out N-API, so If you want to start fresh with a native Node.js addon project with N-API, check out the inquiry form and send in your details for a brief discussion.

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