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Professional J2EE Developers IndiaJava is currently most popular language in developing web application software and desktop application development. Java is general purpose, class based object oriented language. Java is developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. It is similar to c and C++ but has simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities. Java application is typically compile to byte code that typically run only JVM (Java virtual machine).

Java is object oriented programming language intended to mange software complexity as new way. Java is used in variety of computer platform including embedded device, mobile phone, enterprise application and super computers. Java is nearly everywhere in mobile phones, enterprise application, web services and desktop applications.

Advantages of JAVA

  • Java is an open source so no need for registration or pay heavy fee for its development.
  • It is platform independent so, it’s run on every platform.
  • Java platform support garbage collection so, memory management is automatic.
  • Multiple language support and support for web services.
  • Develop dynamic application.
  • It allows creating modular program and reusable code.
  • Network centric

Zaptech solutions is an India based Software development company providing application development services in Java, J2EE and J2ME technology. We provide Java Development and J2EE Design Services that can efficiently utilize the services available form Java Application Server and the J2EE Framework, including JMS (java's messaging services, JSP (java server pages), EJBS (Enterprise JavaBeans and JDBC.

Our Expert Java Developers, J2EE Programmers and J2ME coder have expertise in building enterprise class software solutions and web services using J2EE, J2ME and Java. Zaptech solutions is playing main role in leveraging quality yet cost effective offshore Java application development and various J2EE Development with special emphasis on scalability.

Technology that we use:

  • Core Java : Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Swing and Applets
  • Java Framework: Tapestry, Struts, Spring.
  • Web Services: WSDL, SOAP, XML
  • Application development Framework: JBoss Seam, Oracle ADF, Struts 2.0, Spring, Tapestry, Wicket
  • Application IDE Tools : Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, Borland JBuilder

Java /J2EE/J2ME Development Services:

  • Developing Web based J2EE application solutions
  • Migration of customers software solutions to JAVA/J2EE Platforms
  • Development of Java based Software programs
  • Java based software development consulting
  • J2ME base application and game solutions
  • Application design and development on J2EE framework
  • Java Mobile Application Development services
  • N-Tier Application development

J2EE technology gives a comprehensive blueprint for providing complete software development solutions on the Java platform to Java software developers.

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