Professional PHP Developers India

  • Dedicated Development Center
  • Fixed Price Model
  • On-Site Model
  • Hybrid Model
  • Time and Material Model
Pricing Model

Dedicated Development Centre

The true essence of outsourcing is to have your own team offshore, offering best of the knowledge based practices and high return on investments. With Zaptech, you can setup your own dedicated development facility where you pay the fixed monthly rate/salary for the teams or individuals, in such an arrangement the manpower typically works dedicatedly for you as any other employee at your facility providing long term gains.

Execution & Schedules

Setting up of Physical Infrastructure : 4-6 weeks

Setting up Computer / Communication infrastructure: 1 Week

Manpower recruitment : 2-3 weeks

Key Issues :

  • Protection of IP
  • Exit Policy
  • Security and backup policies
  • Ramp up and ramp down
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Attrition issues
  • Cultural Integration
  • Transition / Skill Orienta

Fixed Price Model

Making the best use of resources and delivering highest results, fixed price model is the most commonly sought way of engagement with offshore service providers. Here, the service providers decide cost for the deliverables and customers, get the advantages like fixed time, fixed price, low risk and guaranteed & on-time delivery of projects. However, it is very useful to have clearly defined scope of requirements and specifications which in return gives accurate delivery timings, zero discrepancies and stringent cost.

Zaptech also has a requirement & scope changing process which is prearranged presuming its clients benefits in managing resources.

Time and Material Model

Clients who wish to involve in the process of creation or would like to take vital part in managing projects, can ideally contract in this mode. It is also useful when the requirements cannot be visibly predefined, development process is interconnected and the client has a dynamic implementation strategy. It could be reasonably used, when the project plan is based upon stages wherein initial task/part could be frozen for execution and based upon the advancements further plan of action is derived, Zaptech also provides the flexibility to convert it into a fixed price mode at client's convenience.

On-Site Model

For corporations who would like to keep the budgets in control through offshore advantage, Zaptech can effectively take part from the foundation; our expert(s) can start with research, meetings, collaborations, trainings and study of actual business environment giving long term visibility through end to end partnering. It is also used for clients who would like to sit at the other end of the table and give directions &training.

Hybrid Model

Greater flexibility and dynamic strategies creates the right kind of mix for goal oriented businesses. Zaptech, is the partner offering a brilliant blend of variable contracting model, it provides the combination of FPM, T&M, On-Site and Off-site. This provides the most suitable environment for the client to work with us as partners and judging results which effect the bottom line of business through co-operative responsibility.