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Flex Programmers India Adobe Flex is a Software Development Kit introduced by Adobe System for building exceptional Rich Internet Application (RIA) on the Adobe Flash platform. Flex is a highly productive, free, powerful open-source development framework enabling you to build highly interactive, expressive, visually rich and customizable web application solutions that deploy consistently across the all operating system and browsers by leveraging the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtimes.

Flex architecture deliver a modern, yet standards-based developing model, based on XML and MXML markup language, offers a way to generating unique UI Lay out graphic user interfaces. Interactivity is achieved through the use of flash player core language, ActionScript that is based on the ECMAScript standard.

Our Flex Application Development Expertise

As professional Flex Development Company India we are specialized in developing creative, innovative and cost-effective flex applications. Our experts flex developers having in-depth knowledge of all the flex programming from basic to advance and achieved impressive amount of proficiency in developing Flex Solutions. Our Flex application development tools include Flex SDK 3, Flex SDK 4 with Adobe Flash Builder.

Benefit Using Flex Development

  • Great Front End User Experience: An engaging User experience ensures that your visitor or customers are drawn into your application or website, that they understand and use it, and they can more quickly complete a task or information that they searching.
  • Complete RIA Environment: Flex is a great application development solution for Rich Internet Applications across the web. It provides modern yet standards-based developing and programming model that supports standard design patterns including highly productive IDE.
  • Standard Development Environment: Flash player is platform independent and all the Flex application are executed in that player, so customers do not need any heavy software to run it. And Flash player runs same way in all browsers so, no worry about inconsistent behavior in different environments.
  • Enterprise-class features: You will use Flex Data services to synchronize date and support real-time data push. Ability to integrate audio and video that open the door to new ways of connecting with your clients.
  • Standards-based architecture: Flex, ActionScript and MXML are designed on standards based architecture. MXML is XML compliant, implements styles based on the CSS, level 1 specification. ActionScript is an ECMAScript-based language that supports object-oriented development.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Flash player is standard player for run flex application. So, all flex application should run same on all browser and desktops.

Flex web and application solutions that we offer

  • Custom Flex Application Development
  • Flex integrate with PHP, MySQL, SQL, Oracle, Asp.Net, XML
  • Dynamic Shopping cart ecommerce solutions
  • Rich user interface Flex website design and web solutions
  • Flex and Adobe AIR programming
  • Customize and development Flex modules
  • Develop Flex base powerful CMS and LMS
  • MXML and ActionScript development

Our Flex developers can develop integrated flex software solutions to make successful and innovative business projects as per your requirement. We offer Asp .Net, PHP supported complex flex solutions for any kind of small, mid and large scale business.

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