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Being a top mobile game development company, we have gained enough experience as a Cocos2D game development company. We aim at making the games interesting and addictive for the users.

Cocos2D Game Application Development Services

Cocos2D is a preferred choice of game developers as its flexibility in designing a product for iOS and Android devices. Every game we deliver looks great, runs well, and is fun to play.

Feature-Rich Cocos2D Games

Cocos2D is an open-source software framework that is widely used for developing interactive games and apps. Being an open-source game engine, Cocos2D is considered to be a cost-effective solution for making games for Android and iOS devices. It has extensive community support for the developers and users. Using the Cocos2D toolkit as a framework, we design the most innovative and interactive games for our customers. Our professionals use this tool to innovate the high-end gaming experience. Clients can be assured that they make the game more mature and feature-rich.

Zaptech Solutions is an expert game development company that designs the perfect UI for your game and ensures that clients get engaging and addictive games using the Cocos2D platform. We can also port your game to multiple platforms such as iOS and Android. Our Cocos 2D game developers focus on incorporating the best features to develop games that help clients stand out from the competition. We aim at helping clients get the maximum benefits from this game development engine.

Cocos 2D delivers rich gameplay and a wide variety of features. We have a team of experienced Cocos2D game developers who deliver high-quality games that entertain the users for hours. As our dedicated programmers are experienced with Python programming, JavaScript, C++, iPhone software development, and Objective-C programming, we are confident that they can deliver a high-end gaming experience. We can also integrate third-party libraries with Cocos 2D to help you get the desired features for your game.

We have great proficiency in using the Cocos2D toolkit as the framework to develop top-quality games that entice the players. We are confident that we can build cross-platform games that have the perfect animation and effects. We provide exceptional post-launch support and also help the clients with mobile app marketing techniques.

With years of experience in the gaming industry, we have built robust and interesting games for users. Our Cocos2D programmers can build thrilling games that are fun to play with. Get in touch with us if you are looking for game development services or to know more about us.

Features of Cocos2d

Open Source

Being open-source, Cocos2D is available for free. One doesn’t have to pay the licensing fees when using Cocos2D.

Third-party libraries

Third-party libraries can be integrated with Cocos2D to enhance the functionality of the games.

Light Weight & Fast Running

Developers can get support and assistance from a large community of developers while using Cocos2D.

Products of Cocos2d

Cocos2D Family

Cocos2D is a family of open-source frameworks that support developing games for multiple platforms.


Cocos2D-X is a multi-platform framework for building 2D games and graphical applications. It is widely used for native Android app development, iPhone app development, and Windows phone app building for gaming.


It is a 2D/3D framework for game development, which is written for XNA. It is a Microsoft game platform that is available on Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and Windows phones.


It works on the “Code once, run everywhere” concept. Using a single JavaScript codebase, one can publish the game on multiple platforms such as Mac OS x, web, Android, and iOS.

Cocos2d game development company

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