What is the meaning of the term Hiring dedicated Developers? How does it work?

Hiring dedicated developers means you are selecting individuals or an entire team who will work solely for you on a contract basis. You can instruct them and manage the project yourself. The team will be just like your staff members and they will be directly reporting to you. Another added advantage is that you do not have to worry about the infrastructural requirements for these employees as they will be working for Zaptech Solutions from our office.
Hire Dedicated arrangement is apt when you are looking to either augment your existing team, have a large project that requires dedicated staff, or if you have a steady stream of maintenance and enhancement requirements for your software product.

What will be the mode of communication with developers?

You will be in close contact with your developers through any of the chosen modes of communication i.e. email / Skype / Slack / Zoom conference / Basecamp. The developers will provide you the work reports and timesheets on regular basis.

Can I talk with developers before I Hire them?

Yes, Zaptech will send you CVs of all developers and you can interview selected ones.

Does your developers having experience working with versioning software’s? Do you use any project management tools?

Yes, our developers use GitHub, BitBucket for code versioning on daily basis. We use JIRA, Assembla, and Basecamp project management’s tools for reporting and comfortable adapting any other tools of your preference.

What are the advantages of hiring dedicated developers/team?

When you hire from Zaptech Solutions, you get highly qualified and experienced programmer(s) to work on your project and they can communicate well. They will be working exclusively on your projects and you will have complete control over the project workflow. There will be no startup or hidden cost involved and they will be working as your own in-house team members. In addition, this proves to be an advantage in cases where your customers or users come back with urgent change requests that need to be implemented under the deadlines and pressures of time.

Manpower backup?

Our uniqueness lies in how we provide you with Manpower Back Up. In this engagement, we have a strategy called Manpower back up wherein we always have 1 programmer as a backup in case the Programmer working on your project has to go for an unprecedented leave.
You do not have to worry that work will suffer if one person goes on leave or quits from the project. There is no fear of concentration of information with one employee. Work will get done faster and monotony does not creep in.

What is the work schedule of your company? How many hours does a developer work for me?

Developers will be working 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. The developer will be available in the US Eastern time zone.

How do you ensure security?

Our networks are secured via firewalls and antivirus software. We also keep backups of all the data on our servers to protect against hardware failure or virus attacks.

Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients. We strictly adhere to the security system of projects at our end and ensure that your information is not shared or communicated with any third party at any point in time.

How do I pay you? What is the payment schedule?

We accept payments through PayPal and Wire Transfer. We follow a monthly billing cycle.

Do I get a trial run of your hire Dedicated services?

Yes, you can opt for a paid trial of our services on-demand at a low cost. The period can be of one or two weeks. This will let you
judge the quality and efficiency of the service provided by our developers.

Are there any additional/hidden costS?

We assure you that there are no hidden costs.

Are you available when there is work that needs to be done urgently?

Yes, we are available in case of urgency. In such circumstances, you can even add more resources if required.

How long it takes to start the work?

We will require 1-2 working days to assign developers/teams to your projects.

Will I be able to shift to Fixed Price/T&M based contract if I have a different set of requirements?

There is always room for flexibility as we intend to provide you with the best of our services. If you think that the Hire Dedicated Arrangement is not working well for you, we can work out a better solution, whether it is on a Fixed Price or Time and Material basis.

What are my rights regarding source code, copyright, intellectual property, etc?

All rights regarding the project rest solely with you. The arrangement is such that we are a party in providing you with people who will work directly under you. This gives you the sole ownership of source code, Intellectual Property, copyright etc. All equipment, plans, specifications, designs, software, reports, and other documents, which are procured or developed by Zaptech Solutions shall exclusively become and remain the property of the Client. A dedicated developer is contractually bound to forego intellectual property rights and assign or transfer the ownership of all intellectual property to the Client.

What service level agreements and guarantees do you offer?

Before the commencement of the project, we will sign a Services Contract that details the responsibilities of each party, the deliverables, pricing, complaint handling mechanisms, and delivery schedule of the projects.

How do you ensure that quality standards are followed?

Our developers follow the W3C compliance coding standards.

What happens if I am unhappy with the employee?

If at any time you feel unhappy with the performance of the programmer(s), you can notify the issue to our Business Manager. We will take up the responsibility of giving you a replacement.