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Professional Smarty Php Programmers IndiaSmarty is known as a Template Engine, Smarty compiles your templates into PHP scripts, eliminating the overhead incurred in parsing the templates every time they're accessed. This makes Smarty very scalable for large applications and high-traffic Websites.Zaptech Have a dedicated team of Smarty Template Designers and Smarty Developers that can work on the Smarty customization for your online business needs

Smarty's features:

  • Smarty customization is extremely fast.
  • It is efficient since the PHP parser does the dirty work.
  • No template parsing overhead, only compiles once.
  • It is smart about recompiling only the template files that have changed.
  • We can easily create our own custom functions and variable modifiers, so the template language is extremely extensible.
  • It is possible to embed PHP code right in your template files.
  • Built-in caching support.

Zaptech have a dedicated team of PHP Web Developers, Smarty Plugin developers to work on the coding for the Smarty template design.

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