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Silverligth Web Application Development

Siverlight Development Company Microsoft Silverlight is cross-platform, cross-browser client framework that allows Silverlight developers and designers to create RIA (Rich Internet Application) in web development. Silverlight is persuasive development platform for Rich Media application and business applications for Website, Desktop and Mobile Device. Silverlight is a free plug-in powered by Microsoft Framework that companionable across all the browsers, devices and operating systems to create new level of interactivity and user experience.

Silverlight provides retained mode graphics system and integrates animation, vector graphics, multimedia and interactivity into single runtime environment. Silverlight come with rich class and user interface library for rapid web application development with support of powerful programming language like Visual basic, Asp .Net, C#, Ruby and Python.

Our Silverlight Application Development Expertise

Zaptech solutions is Web Application Development Company from India offering web design and development services using Microsoft’s Engaging and interactive technology known as Silverlight. We have a team of experienced Silverlight Developers who have extraordinary and in-depth knowledge of Complex Silverlight technology. For developing high quality and interactive Silverlight application our SilverLight Developer team uses .Net Framework and its technology like Asp.Net, C# and Vb.Net.

Benefit Using Silverlight Development

  • Design to deliver next generation Rich Internet Application using Asp .Net
  • Silverlight Application running smoothly on all Operating System including mobile devices
  • Deliver engaging user experience almost all browsers
  • Easily Integrate and migrate with existing Asp.Net web Application
  • Speedy deliver of high quality audio, video, animation and graphics
  • Silverlight supports LINQ and LINQ-to-XML that easily accessible via RSS, JSON, REST and POX
  • Speedy deliver of high quality audio, video, animation and graphics
  • Wide range of supported third party codec
  • Consistent and interactive user experience wherever it run
  • Run client side application without refreshing whole page

Silverlight Web Development Services that we offer

  • RIA Development with Silverlight
  • Audio and video integration with windows media streaming
  • Developing Audio, video and animation rich website with help for Silverlight for enhance user experience
  • Silverlight Application and UI design
  • Integrate Silverlight functionality in to current website for better interactivity
  • Widget and game development for windows base mobile phone
  • Integrate with feature rich technology like JavaScript and Ajax

Our aim to deliver a high level of professional web development services to our client. Our services begin from your first contact and support continues after your project is completed. Final product must be match with client requirement therefore we carefully collect all your needs from initial design to final stage.

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