Android or Apple ? Which One to choose to build your App….

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : August 26, 2021

When clients reach out to us to discuss this forever jinxed Question, we come down to the Basics ie. understand their Businesses, Their Target Audience and Most Importantly the Demographics that can yield maximum ROI .

No Intention of Self-Propagation , but we do have a Big team for Mobile App Developers And We do have experience of 9 years so it is Safe to Say that we churned out Many good Apps be it in Ios , Android or any Cross Platform Archetype. We Don’t Like to make App Development a Daunting Task for our clients , I guess we understand that clients have enough pressure in Making Money out of the Apps , so we spare them the Nuisances with a transparent Development Processes and guaranteed Launch of Apps on time and Budget.

Before Starting any Development , We release our Blood Hounds (Pun intended) to do a Feasibility study . Usually our Business Architects and Technical Leads carry out research for Fresher Perspective and usually Bring more ideas on the table for the clients even when we have plenty of time and budget to build a native application for every existing platform out there in the Market. The feasibility study usually melts down to the 4 important questions to be concluded before choosing the Platform for any app development.

1) What is Clients Business ? What does he want to Do and how can we Build an App around this Idea?
2) How will the App Make Some Dough – Monetization model, paid download, in-app purchasing or other
3) User Demography.
4) How much time do we have ?

As a Conclusion to this article , I can say that there’s no simple answer to the question of which one should you develop first, Android or Apple Or should you go for One Platform Paradigm. It is Purely a Business Call . But we are Seasoned Players in Mobile Application Development So We Do assure our clients One Thing i.e Launching An App would be a Seamless Job no matter how Daunting the Task may seem at First.

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