Top 4 Reasons Why Organizations Should Adopt Agile Methodology

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : December 26, 2016

You might have heard the term “Agile” these days if you’re from the world of IT. So, what’s the buzz about it? Agile is a time-boxed approach for software delivery that builds software through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. This methodology promotes a disciplined and adaptive planning along with continuous improvement. Agile is a methodology to develop software solutions like websites, mobile apps, desktop applications and web applications. Agile methodology helps to deliver high quality software frequently and consistently and also reduces the overhead cost and increases business value.

It’s no secret that Agile methodology is fast becoming a popular process to manage the projects. Industry experts assume that Agile will become widely accepted method in the coming few years. Organizations and product development teams have become more adaptive to Agile process. Agile can be the right choice for projects that require a series of versions or iterations, which require some review before the final product is delivered. For example: There is no need to wait for six months for a project and discover that there are flaws in it. With Agile methodology, you can produce a first draft in a couple of weeks and and improve each version based on the feedback. Once each and every version is tested during the development phase, there are less chances that the final product will have flaws.

Let’s throw some light on the benefits of Agile methodology

1. High product quality

As testing is integrated throughout the development cycle, there are regular checkups to make sure that high quality product is delivered to the clients. The product owner can make changes as per the requirements and so, the issues can be avoided.

Continuous integration and regular testing allows the development team to address the issues right at the time of development. Use of Agile process ensures high quality deliverables.

2. Higher Client Satisfaction

Development team gets a chance to demonstrate the working functionalities to the clients. The product owner is always involved with the development team. The clients have high visibility and flexibility to alter the features and functionality of the product. Client engagement leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

3. Reduced risk

With Agile methodology, the developers can eliminate the risk of absolute project failure. As the project is developed in sprints, the projects do not fail. The clients and developers get flexibility to implement new changes. The developers get a chance to beta test the iterations, get client’s feedback, and provides them an opportunity to make changes as per the requirements.

4. Faster ROI

As the development starts early, a functional “ready to market” product will be ready after few iterations. Businesses often do not appreciate long delivery cycles in fast-moving market. Agile methodology leads to faster product releases and so, it offers the maximum ROI faster.

Agile is a powerful tool for software development, helping development teams and business owners enjoy the several benefits. This methodology also helps the development teams deal with various project pitfalls such as quality, cost, schedule of delivery, and many more in a controlled manner.

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