Why AngularJS for building modern web apps?

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : December 16, 2016

AngularJS is a well known framework maintained by Google to make the development and testing processes. Being an open source framework, it is used for addressing the challenges of the website development processes. Some of the unique features of AngularJS are two way binding, MVC structure, templates, and testing features.
Built with Google
Being developed and maintained by dedicated Google engineers, users can download the source and check for any improvement. The engineers offer a good support through community and developers can ask questions on the SitePoint or StackOverflow forums to clarify their doubts.
Great MVC

Being built on MVC architecture, AngularJS is used for designing rich internet applications. AngularJS provides developers the options to write client side application in a clean MVC way. It helps to save a lot of time and reduces the app’s time-to-market. It enhances the productivity of the developers too.

1. Faster and Modern Browsers
Developers all over the world look for faster and modern browsers. Programmers think that AngularJS codebase is short and compact and so, it would support the most advanced features without worrying about backward compatibility. This helps to simplify the AngularJS web development process.

2. More Reliable
AngularJS code is known to be more reliable. The well-structured codebase is built upon MVC model that is useful for implementing user interfaces. Other JavaScript frameworks are not so reliable for structuring the code.

3. Code Re-usability
Developers can re-use the codes or components of the codes that have been written before in different apps making AngularJS a very unique framework.

4. CMS
AngularJS can be used as a front-end for a CMS framework and its data models. Content can be stored in the database in order to implement a CMS.

5. Comprehensive
AngularJS is known to be comprehensive solution for rapid front-end development. There is no need to install any other frameworks or plugins with AngularJS. There are many advanced features such as enterprise level testing, data building, restful actions, and dependency injection.

6. Unit Testing Ready
Being testing ready is one of the unique advantages of AngularJS. As it is built with the intention of improving testability and performance of front end code base, thus making testing as painless as possible.

7. Improve the testability of your software
AngularJS has dependency injection at its core and this makes it easy to test. Even its documentation on AngularJS website has testing in every tutorial step and this is what makes it difficult NOT to test.

8. Filters provide Flexibility
Filters are the standalone function are concerned with data transformation. They filter the data before it reaches the view. Filters can be used in controllers, services, and directives. Filters are considered to be flexible and can be used for creating a sortable HTML table without writing JavaScript codes.

9. Write less code
With AngularJS, you will have to write less codes. Data binding means developer does not have to put data into the view manually. Filters enable the developers to maintain data without altering your controllers.

10. In a nutshell
AngularJS has wonderful features and benefits that make it a trusted choice of several developers across the globe. It offers a simple and easy way to develop productive web structures that will help developers and customers get effective and efficient web solutions to help them enhance their ROI.

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