Which Are The Top 7 Programming Languages For Software Development?

Author : Zaptech
Posted On : March 28, 2017

Programmers and web developers are gifted with so many programming languages for software development. Every alternate day, a new programming language is born. Hence, it can be difficult for the users to pick the right one. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular programming languages.


Java is the top pick among the most popular programming languages for developing server-side applications as well as video games and mobile application development. Being one of the oldest programming languages, Java is platform independent. It can run on any other platform and can be used for Android apps too for flawless performance. Java is designed to be portable and is a favorite choice of several programmers across the globe. Developers can create modular programs and reusable code with Java.


Python framework can be used for almost anything, from web apps to data analysis. It is widely used for developing GUI based desktop applications, games, scientific and computational applications, business and enterprise applications, and web applications. Python is known for its simple and straightforward syntax. With Google’s investment in Python, it has become a popular programming language in the past decade. Did you know that Pinterest and Instagram have been built with Python? With built-in list and dictionary data structures, Python is used for building fast runtime data structures. This programming language offers enhanced process control capabilities and can be used for developing complex multi-protocol network applications.


It’s a known fact that 80% of the top 10 million websites have been built using PHP. Initially, this programming language was designed to make website development easier, and many beginners find it simple to work with. PHP offers great flexibility to the developers and this makes it a preferred choice of many users and programmers. Facebook has been build using PHP. It is a must-learn language for aspiring website developers.


C is a middle level programming language that has a variety of data types of powerful operators. Programs written in C language are efficient, fast, and easy to understand. It is a compiled programming language that is used for creating fast and efficient executable files. C language provides a wide variety of inbuilt data types and ability to create custom data types using structures. This language provides support for dynamic memory allocation.


JavaScript is a popular and powerful scripting language that is used for developing websites and games. Being compatible with all the browsers, it comprises of syntax that is close to English. With JavaScript, results and processing can be completed instantly. This programming language is used for adding interactivity to the web pages. It also provides access to HTML objects and seamless integration with user plug-ins.


Ruby On Rails (RoR) is in great demand these days. As it supports multiple programming paradigms, it is widely used for creating web apps. One of the main reasons why Ruby is popular is that it has a collection of the libraries. It is a fast web platform to develop on. Ruby is very expressive and readable language for humans. It can be combined with several other third party libraries to enable development of features amazingly fast.


SQL is a database query language that can be the best option when talking about big data. SQL databases use long-established standard and it is easier to manage database systems without writing a huge amount of data. SQL consists mainly of English statements and it is easy to learn and write SQL queries. As it is interactive language, it is used to communicate with the databases and get answers to complex questions in a few seconds. This language can be used for writing applications using using databases. SQL is used for connecting front end computers and back end databases .

Depending on your requirements and business needs, you can choose the right suitable programming language. Have a look at the available options and make the right choice by comparing the pros and cons of the programming languages for software development.

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